Let's Go Camping!

Cabin fever is setting in, the kids are  E-Learning and many parents are working from home. Spring Break was basically a wash, so what do you do? Why go camping of course! You can make this as eleaborate a production as you can or very simple. I have assembled some ideas for you. Start getting your supplies together this week, make this a family project, and a learning experience for all. Have the kids do research on camping games, foods for outdoors, maybe even survival skills for in the woods. Learn, have fun, and spend some quality family time together. I am even supplying you with ten hours of crickets, and nights sounds!


                                              Suggested Supplies:

                              A real tent, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags 


                                              Suggested Supplies:

Pool noodles, carboard tubes ( wraping paper, toilet paper) rocks, real woods or twigs, Christmas lights, cellophane paper or tissue paper.


Hot dogs ( of course) deviled eggs, chips, baked beans. Be creative this is another activity that can teach life skills to the kids, have them research make ahead camping meals, taco in a bag, breakfast burritoes!

Grab the Guitar or Ukulele or the Harmonica & check out these camp songs:

  1. Camp Granada
  2. This Land Is Your Land
  3. Ain't No Flies on Us
  4. I Like Bananas
  5. Hey Ho Nobody Home
  6. Do Your Ears Hang Low
  7. Down by the Riverside
  8. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  9. You're A Grand Old Flag

Don’t Worry if Things Don’t Go Exactly as Planned

Last, but not least remember that this indoor camping trip is about having fun together as a family while helping to keep everyone sane during these stressful times, and maybe prepare your kids for a future camping trip. Don’t let small details or minor setbacks throw your trip off course. Take it one activity at a time and feel free to improvise whenever needed.

Think of this list of ideas and activities as a starting point. Even if you only complete a few of them, you’ll still create a fun and meaningful learning experience for you and your family.

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