Meet Your Realtor ~ Rebecca Philpott

Meet Rebecca Philpott, she has a wealth of experience that has allowed her to quickly become one of Fox Realty Group's top real estate agents. 

More than anything, her business is a relational one. Compassion, understanding and a keen eye for detail and design, as well as a strength for negotiating on her clients behalf are all assets that build trust in the clients she represents. From the first moment you meet, to closing and well beyond - she is always there for you.​

Whether Selling or Buying, Rebecca is focused and driven to give you the best service in the industry and always putting YOUR needs first! You will always be informed and on top of things with excellent communication and organization of the process, which means a more enjoyable, stress-free home selling and buying journey. Check out the list of homes below and give Rebecca a call ~ 812-989-2423

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