Remembering Kentuckiana's Darkest Day ~ April 3, 1974

The April 3-4, 1974 Super Outbreak affected 13 states across the eastern United States, from the Great Lakes region all the way to the Deep South. In all, 148 tornadoes were documented from this event, of which 95 were rated F2 or stronger on the Fujita scale and 30 were F4 or F5. Aside from all the castastrophic damage they left behind, the tornadoes resulted in 335 deaths and more than 6000 injuries.

In 1974 our marketing director and former news reporter Diane Mullins was a part of this day in history. Watch her report on Kentuckiana's Darkest Day. This news report origninally aired on the 44th anniversary of Kenuckiana's Darkest Day.

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